Beeny the Hand Sander Due 19/10/2019

Old table needs repainting? Want to add the finishing touches to your woodwork creations?

What it does:

  • Rough sands surfaces

  • Rounds over sharp edges

  • Removes dried coats of old paint or varnish

What’s included with your borrow:

  • 3 sheets of sanding paper (choose from 80 (coarse) or 240 grit (fine)) Need more? Buy an extra 3 sheets from us for £1

  • Dust Case & Hole Punch

  • Optional: Safety goggles, dust mask - ask a Host for these

Good to know:

  • The hand sander creates lots of dust, so you will need to empty the dust bag regularly. Most vacuum cleaner nozzles will fit over the dust outlet, so if you leave the vacuum switched on while you sand, most of the clean up will be done for you!

Want to know everything we know about this thing? Read our everything doc

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