Buttercup the Strimmer (cordless) In Stock Now

Got a large garden, or allotment? Grass too long to mow? Places your lawnmower won’t reach?

What’s included with your borrow:

  • A fully charged battery (lasts ~ 30 minutes when used correctly)
  • A battery charger
  • Strimmer cord (ask for spare if you think you’ll need it)
  • Ear defenders, safety goggles and/or a dust mask - ask a host for these

For the best strimming experience:

  • check/rake the grass for stones or other hidden nasties before you start. You don’t want these flying around, and the cord will wear down very quickly.

  • pop on a pair of safety goggles and maybe some ear defenders too (provided by us)

  • check there's enough strimming cord in the machine before you borrow. Our quick video below shows you how

  • nobody wants to borrow a dirty strimmer, so make sure it’s as grass-free as possible ready for the next borrower

Want to know everything we know about this thing? Read our everything doc

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  • The Lawnmower - for finishing off the job