Aretha the Carpet Cleaner Reserved

Dirty carpets? Tough stains? Everything looking a bit dull and grey?

What it does:

  • Deep cleans your carpets, sofas and chairs

What’s included in your borrow:

  • Upholstery tool, ideal for sofas, chairs and stairs. Watch our video below to see how to switch from one tool to another.

  • 4 cleaning tablets, enough for 1-2 rooms. Need more? Buy another 4 from us for £2 (Just use one cleaning tablet at a time!)

Good to know:

  • This Thing is on the heavier side, we recommend transporting it via car

  • Your carpets will take a few hours to dry thoroughly, so factor in enough time to let them

  • The Carpet Cleaner is one of our most popular Things, so make sure you follow the cleaning + care instructions carefully (found in the how-to guide) to have it ready for the next borrow and prevent detergent build up, which can send it to the Thing graveyard! (see video below)

Want more info on how to use? Read our how-to guide

Want to know everything we know about this thing? Read our everything doc


How to change from the floor to the upholstery tool

How to flush through our Karcher Carpet Cleaners: