Adele the Sing-along Jukebox In Stock Now

Party coming up? Fun night in with friends? Want to host the ultimate sing-a-long and music trivia competition?

What it does:

  • A massive music streaming jukebox with loads of bonus features
  • Choose from a catalogue of 29 million songs to stream live with loads of pre-made playlists
  • Sing 1000's of songs with the 'Singing with the Stars' feature
  • Battle it out with family and friends on the ‘Name That Tune’ music trivia quiz
  • Listen to radio from all over the world
  • Listen to ambient soundscapes - perfect for background music or getting the baby to sleep!

What’s included with your borrow:

  • Electric Jukebox TV Hub
  • Electric Jukebox controller
  • USB charge cable
  • Power Adapter
  • 1 metre (3ft) HDMI Cable

Good to know…

  • Takes 2 minutes to set up: plug in and connect to TV using the HDMI cable, connect your wifi and plug in extra speakers if you want!

Want to know everything we know about this thing? Read our everything doc

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