Circular saw (cordless) In Stock Now

Table legs a bit too long? Wannabe carpenter in the house?

What it does:

  • Cuts wood - suitable for timber, plywood and chipboard. Not suitable for metal, plastic or other materials

  • Suitable for rip sawing (long, straight cuts), plunge sawing and detailing - see video for full capabilities

What’s included with your borrow:

  • A fully charged battery (lasts ~30 minutes depending on what you’re cutting)

  • A battery charger

  • Optional (but recommended): ear defenders, safety goggles, dust mask - ask a Host for these

  • G-Clamp, to fix your wood to the bench or table

Good to know...

  • You’ll need a sturdy workbench or table to support the wood you are cutting

  • Get a friend to help when using this tool. It’s helpful to have an extra pair of eyes to keep watch

  • This Thing creates lots of sawdust, so lay down a sheet before you start, or have a cloth to hand to clean as you go

  • Can be dangerous if not used correctly, so use the safety gear we provide and read the safety instructions carefully before use

For more information on how to use and clean this Thing, read this.

You might also want to borrow…

  • The Hand Sander: for getting those surfaces lovely and smooth after cutting

  • The Combi Drill: for putting it all together once you’ve cut the pieces!