Chuck the Drill (cordless) In Stock Now

Got a picture that needs hanging? New IKEA sofa to put together? Need to show your other half you can put up a shelf?

What it does:

  • Drills holes

  • Screws in, and removes screws

  • Powerful enough for most materials, including wood, masonry, metal, ceramics, plastic and concrete.

What’s included with your borrow:

  • A fully charged battery (lasts ~40 minutes continuous use, that's a long time!)

  • A battery charger

  • Wood and masonry drill bits (see additional photos)

  • Screwdriver bits (see additional photos)

  • Optional (but recommended): Safety goggles, dust mask, ear defenders - ask a Host for these

Good to know…

  • If you can, please recharge the battery before returning so it’s ready for the next borrower

Want to know everything we know about this thing? Read our everything doc

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