Bruce the Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner In Stock Now

Unfortunate bit of flooding? Made a mess from your DIY work? Just need a super powerful vacuum?

What’s included in your borrow:

  • A range of different nozzles:

    - removable handle (for dry vacuuming)

    - floor with rubber inserts (for wet vacuuming)

    - crevice (for nooks and crannies)

    - extra long crevice (for those hard to reach places)

    - dusting brush (does what it says on the tin)

    - upholstery tool (chairs, stairs and car seats)

  • One fleece hoover bag - for dry vacuuming only

For the best vacuuming experience:

  • Please make sure you give the vacuum and its attachments a thorough clean + dry before returning it to us! It’s potentially hazardous for our volunteer Thing Fixers to clean, and we might have to charge you to get it cleaned professionally if it’s not returned to us in good condition.

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